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Solar Charging Station with Public USB Charging Station | Author:Sammy | Publish time: 2016-05-23 | 2635 Views | Share:
Solar-Powered Public Charging Stations 

Case Study 1: 


Each station has enough USB ports to charge 20 iphones/ipads or other mobile device at once.
Charging station uses kinetic tiles and solar panels to charge up to 20 smartphones at a time, and provides free WiFi access and an emergency phone.

Adopted C-216 20 port USB Charging Station with 5V 40A power supply, connecting the solar power system, so it can work in the publice place. 
It's been interesting to watch the different approaches used by companies developing clean energy charging stations, especially those working on public mobile device chargers

Case Study 2: 

Street Charge solar charging stations for smartphones

The model installed on the university's main campus, at the East Academic Building, will provide free charging for students, faculty, and staff,
as well as supply a WiFi access point and an emergency phone that connects directly to the university's Public Safety department