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Smart Phone/iphone/Tablet/ ipad Flashing Equipment | Author:Tommy | Publish time: 2016-05-23 | 2445 Views | Share:
A-213 & D-213 Mobile Phone Flashing and quick charge

1. Apply to mobile software in bulk download, Scanner, Digital camera, DVC (digital video camera, audio systems, monitor, input devices, internet bar LAN, Game Pad etc.; 
2. Fast-speed date transmission and enough current
3. Compatile with BC1.2 agreement,support pad, mobile phone for quick charge 

Case Study 1.  (A-213 20 ports USB 3.0 HUB) 

Can download the copy file through the software(clients' software) for ipad, iphone or other 20 mobile device at the same time. 

In addition, each ports with 1A output, it has enough current for phone charging.

For the phone charging and flash, we cooperate with Huawei and Hisense and provide the solution for extension,and connect with their software to finish the work. 



We are developing built-in 5V 60A power supply and each ports can reach 2A, it can support phone and ipad charging( intelligent identification charging). 

Case Study 2: 

USB Flash driver duplication for 20 USB device; 

Case study 3: 

Clients also choose D-213 USB 3.0 HUB, it support data syncs and charges up to 20 USB Device; 

Similarity Difference: 

A-213  20 ports USB 3.0 Hub   & D-213 20 ports USB 3.0 Hub 

Same point: (USB 3.0 interface)

1. data syncs 
2. charging
3. Mounting ears


*Power supply: 

1. A-213 built-in power supply (5V 20A) 
2. D-213 external power supply( 5V 40A) 


1. A-213     1A output each ports: iphone/smart phone charging 

2. D-213      2A output each ports: ipad/tablet/iphone/smart phone charging

*Data transfer channel

A-213   2 USB 3.0 cable (dual channel)
D-213   1 USB 3.0 cable