After 2022, the Internet industry will develop, and the market demand for hubs will rise
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The main function of the hub is to regenerate, shape and amplify the received signal to expand the transmission distance of the network, and at the same time concentrate all nodes on the node centered on it. HUB can be divided into passive HUB, active HUB and intelligent HUB according to the

processing method of input signal. The intelligent HUB not only has the function of active HUB, but also has network management and routing functions, so the future application prospect is better.

Hubs are mainly used in the computer field. Since 2010, driven by the development of the Internet, mobile communications and other industries, my country's computer output has continued to rise, from 260 million in 2010 to 490 million in 2021. With the increasing requirements of the consumer side

 for computers, the industry is gradually developing towards high-end and miniaturization, and the output of microcomputers has also increased, from 310 million units in 2017 to 470 million units in 2021.

Benefiting from the increase in the output of computers, especially microcomputers, the domestic market demand for hubs continues to rise. There is no data on the output of hubs in my country in 2021, but the overall output is relatively high, so the export volume of domestic hubs is relatively high. In

 the past five years, my country's hub export volume has continued to rise, from 15 million in 2017 to 27.88 million in 2021. In terms of imports, although the import volume of domestic hubs has risen in the past five years, the maximum has not yet exceeded 1 million units.

From the perspective of import and export areas, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hungary are the sources of hub imports in my country, of which Vietnam accounts for about 70%; the United States, Germany, and South Korea are the main export regions of my country's hubs, and the United States accounts for

 22%. With the growth of export volume, the export value of my country's hubs has also increased, reaching 220 million US dollars by 2021.