Booming Gaming & eSports Industry is expected to drive the market during the forecast period
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Gaming and eSports are booming worldwide, as evidenced by the growing popularity of eSports and video games. The eSports viewership reached 458 million people in 2019, with USD 957.0 million in eSports’ revenue in the multibillion-dollar global game industry, with half a billion new players in the

 last three years alone. Professional gamers use USB hubs to connect multiple devices such as mouse, keyboards, headsets, controllers, and webcams.

In professional gaming tournaments like Arena of Valor World Cup, Arena of Valor International Championship, Call of Duty League, All India Esports League, Electronic Super League, and FIFA Interactive World Cup, players can win or lose within seconds. Therefore, it is essential to have top-performing

gaming accessories. The fast data transfer speed of USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 enables gamers to operate multiple devices simultaneously without worrying about the data transfer speed. Thus, with the viewership of eSports and gaming growing, the investment is expected to go up as well and drive the

 growth of the global USB hubs market during the forecast period.