IKEA launches DIRIGERA smart hub supporting MATTER protocol
Source: | Author:sipolar | Published time: 2022-08-24 | 513 Views | Share:

Swedish furniture and accessories store IKEA has launched its Matter-enabled Dirigera smart hub. Dirigera is an upgrade to existing Trådfri gateways, but provides a further breakdown of supported smart home devices. In addition to covering more products, it also provides personalized options for different scenarios and preset functions of smart products.

The hub will work with IKEA smart products, and since it supports Matter, it can also be used with other devices with Matter integration. Dirigera and the revamped IKEA app will launch in October 2022.

Matter is a universal smart home automation connectivity standard that has been adopted by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and other manufacturers. The Matter smart home standard has been delayed until fall 2022, but Apple plans to support it, so Apple HomeKit devices should be compatible with IKEA's hubs.

IKEA is planning to deploy a newly updated IKEA Home Smart app alongside the Dirigera, which is designed to provide an easier-to-navigate and more user-friendly experience for those new to the smart home experience.