Why you should buy a USB-C hub monitor
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A USB-C hub monitor is an excellent upgrade for your home office. It will reduce clutter on your desk and remove the hassle of removing or attaching peripherals to your rig. Laptop owners can even eliminate the need for an external power brick.

The result is a tidy, flexible workstation. However, not all USB-C monitors are the same. Some hardly qualify as a USB hub while others can replace a high-end USB-C dock

A USB-C hub monitor will remove numerous cords from your desk. Instead of connecting peripherals to your PC, you can connect them to the monitor, which then connects to your PC over USB-C.

Laptops that have USB-C benefit the most. The USB-C hub monitor can act as a video cable and power cable in one. You can leave the laptop’s power adapter in your backpack or luggage because you won’t need it at your desk.

Most people who own a USB-C compatible laptop will need a USB-C hub or dock, anyway. Bundling it with the monitor means you won’t have to find space for a separate hub or dock on your desk.

The best USB-C hub monitors will include Ethernet, multiple USB-A ports, and support daisy-chain displays over DisplayPort. Dell’s P2723QE monitor is one example of a USB-C monitor that can handle numerous peripherals at once.

USB-C hub is not a technical term, so be wary of imposters

The term “hub” is often used to describe devices that extend USB connectivity. This isn’t a technical term and has nothing to do with any specific standard. The decision to slap the term “hub” on any USB-C device, including a monitor, is at the whims of the maker’s marketing department.