C-105PD 10 Ports USB-C PD Charging Station

We focused on industrial-grade USB HUB and smart PDU cabinet strips.

C-105PD 10 Ports USB-C PD Charging Station

C-105PD is a industrial grade USB-C charger designed by Sipolar to meet the requirements of large current supply,The USB-C port charger outputs a total of 550W with 65W over each USB type-C port.

Charging applications may include laptop charging, iPad or Tablet charging. The USB PD Type C charger will charge with 65W output on each USB C port. 

Provides up to 5V/3A,9V/12V/15V/20V,Max current 3.25A output current on each port.

Enables to start/cut off the fans automatically according to the temperatures setup.

Compatible with Smartphones (Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 plus and more), Tablets/ Laptop (Apple iPad, the new Macbook 12-inch, Macbook Pro and more) and other USB-C devices. This is an excellent choice for USB C products to be charged.

Product Details


Model       C-105PD


  1. AC 100~220V, IEC C14 interface

Internal Power Supply  

Efficiency/ Voltage



    10*USB-C Port

Output electrical characteristics(Type-C Port)


   9V/12/15V/20V,Maximum current 3.25A

Charging protocol

BC1.2 & Apple
QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0

LED Charge Mode

Charging in progress: Red Color x 16

Power on or Fully charged: Green Color x 16

Protective function

Output short circuit protection, over current protection

Charging indicator

The USB port indicator light turns green when powered on, red when charging, and green when fully charged

Cooling method

Cooling fan , cooling holes

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity

RH20% – RH90%

Storage humidity

R10% – RH95%

Structure size

Product size:440*204*55mm
Package size:565*248*70mm

Mechanical structure

Shell: cold rolled steel plate

Installation: Ear-mounted installation

 C-105PD is  multi-port charger with built-in constant current power supply. It is equipped with 10 Type-C ports and supports PD fast charging. The maximum output of a single port

is 65W, and the total output power is 550W. The shell is made of solid cold-rolled steel plate with heat dissipation holes and a built-in temperature-controlled fan for strong heat

dissipation. Equipped with charging status indicator, the charging status is clear at a glance.






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