7 Safety Tips for Charging Your Smartphone
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As we use smartphones more and more frequently, we may get anxious about phones with low battery easily. We lose a sense of security when our phone battery drops below 50%. To feel at ease, we had to carry a power bank or charger in many cases. When it comes to charging a smartphone, how do we ensure its safety?


Possible Hidden Dangers When Charging Smartphones

1. The smartphone charger has been plugged into the socket for a long time and has been kept powered. You may feel an electric shock when charging your phone the next time. And it also can lead to sparks and fires.

1. Make calls or use your phone while your phone is charging. 

When your smartphone is charging, the voltage is higher than when it is on standby. If other operations, such as calling, are carried out simultaneously, it is easy to damage the internal parts.

If an unqualified battery or charger is used, and the charging environment is poor, such as high temperature, humidity, etc., it is not uncommon for the battery to explode. 

1. Use a counterfeit or poor-quality charger.Suppose the charger you are using is not produced by a regular manufacturer and does not meet safety standards. In that case, in addition to reducing the service life of the mobile phone battery, it may also cause leakage and battery explosion, causing greater safety hazards.

1. Operating the charger when hands are wet. Touching the charger with wet hands is at risk of leakage. 

Safety Tips for Charging Your Smartphone

As mentioned above, there are various hazards in charging a smartphone. Now, let's discuss what we can do to avoid these dangers.

Use a Genuine Charger That Meets Safety Standards

To a certain extent, purchasing electronic products online from the official website, official flagship stores, and third-party stores with safety standard certification can greatly ensure the quality and safety of the product. The smartphone charger is frequently used in our daily use of electrical products, which must guarantee that it meets UK and EU safety standards.

Avoid Cheap Chargers

You may be used to shopping online, and mobile phone chargers are no exception. The shopping website is inundated with good and bad products. After several comparisons, you have finally chosen an extremely cheap charger that lacks quality and safety in terms of quality and safety.

However, this counterfeit and shoddy charger not only shortens the battery life of your smartphone, but it will create danger when you charge your smartphone, like an explosion, fire, etc.

Do Not Use Chargers with Broken Connectors

Frayed cable? Wobbly plug pins? Loose connections? Wait, one of these problems appears on your smartphone charger. Please buy a new charger immediately. A badly worn or damaged charger can easily leak electricity and pose a fire.

Do Not Cover Your Charger or Smartphone when Charging

As we all know, the charger and smartphone are slightly hot when charging. If we put something to cover them, they probably fail to dissipate heat in time to cause an explosion.

Don't Charge Overnight

Although today's smartphones mostly use lithium batteries, which automatically power off when fully charged. It's still dangerous to leave a hot charger on the power outlet overnight. Especially after you fall asleep, your alertness will decrease. It will be difficult for you to take action in the event of an explosion, fire, or other danger.

Unplug the Charger in Time After Charging

This tip is like the one mentioned above about being unable to leave a charger plugged in overnight. Your smartphone will go into standby mode after being fully charged. This mode will also consume power and then continue to charge.

This repeated process will not only shorten the life of the battery but may also cause an explosion. Therefore, don't plug the charger with your smartphone into the power outlet all the time. It is necessary and also important to unplug the charger in time when charging is finished. 

Don't Overload Charging Sockets

Have you ever plugged more than one power-consuming device into one socket? That's dangerous. Sockets running under overload conditions are prone to damage or heat and ageing power supply lines, leaving a fire hazard. If you plug your phone into such an overloaded outlet, it's enough to imagine that it will indirectly cause a chain explosion of your phone charger and smartphone.

How to Charge Your Phone Properly?

According to the above charging skills, we can conclude these steps:

1. Use an intact charger that meets the safety standard in the normal load socket.

2. Plug the charger with dry hands.

3. Unplug the smartphone full of charge in time.