How can smart PDUs lead to data center cost savings?

Intelligent PDUs can save the cost of the application center by balancing distribution load, real-time data collection, managing data center environment, protecting infrastructure, and realizing remote management.



A power distribution unit (PDU) is a power supply device closest to the server in a data center and is an important part of the power distribution at the end of a data center.

According to different functions, PDUs are generally divided into basic and intelligent types. A qualified basic PDU can provide reliable and stable power supply for servers and meet the basic needs of users. In addition to the basic power supply, intelligent PDUs can also provide more intelligent monitoring and control functions, so as to provide more convenience and help for the user’s future operation and maintenance work.

Here are 5 ways smart PDUs can save data center operating costs:

  1. Load balancing: Smart PDUs can monitor the load in real time and automatically adjust power output to achieve load balancing, avoid power overload or imbalance, and improve power utilization efficiency.
  2. Real-time data collection: Smart PDUs collect real-time current, voltage, power, and energy consumption data with billing level accuracy. Through data analysis and report generation, users can understand the operation and performance of the power system and make decisions and optimization.
  3. Manage the data center environment: Use environmental monitoring sensors such as temperature, humidity, access control, water leakage, and smoke sensing to monitor the environment parameters of the IDC data center in real time, provide automatic alarm notification, and optimize the IDC data center ecosystem to ensure that operators can formulate reasonable operation policies, reduce operating costs, and improve PUE.
  4. Protect infrastructure: Smart PDUs support door lock systems that restrict access to individual cabinets, cabinet groups, and entire aisles, including record cards, users, lock/unlock history, opening/closing, alarms, and all activity records to ensure strict compliance with security regulations.
  5. Remote management: Smart PDUs provide remote management functions to ensure the uptime of the data center and the work efficiency of employees.


For example, the smart PDU of our company can both monitor and control all servers remotely.

  1. Based on an innovative sustainable, upgradeable and maintainable design concept, it provides active metering for energy optimization and circuit protection.
  2. The alarm threshold can be set by users to generate local and remote alarm warnings about potential circuit overload in real time, effectively reducing risks.
  3. Provide power usage data to support data center managers in making informed decisions about load balancing and appropriate IT scale, thereby significantly reducing total costs.
  4. Users can access or cascade the PDU over Ethernet.


Such products can be widely used in IDC, bank, securities, government, enterprise and school data center room. Improved operational efficiency, resulting in significant benefits for the entire data center.


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