The DPDU-8C13 industrial PDU sockets are used in machine rooms

Industrial PDU sockets play an important role in data center projects.


Industrial PDU sockets are becoming increasingly popular in data centers. Our PDU socket DPDU-8C13 is equipped with intelligent control and a safety air switch, responsible for providing power to various electronic devices and monitoring and managing energy consumption, effectively improving the management and safety level of data center equipment.

In terms of power management in data centers, our PDU socket can conveniently control the power on/off status of each socket, realizing localized control and reducing management costs. This can also reduce the workload of data center operators and improve work efficiency.

In terms of data collection, our PDU socket can collect parameters such as energy, power, voltage, and current, and store the collected data in a database, providing data center management personnel with analysis and optimization. Equipment failure can also be monitored on the display screen of the PDU socket, facilitating timely troubleshooting by administrators.



The measuring instruments equipped in our PDU socket can monitor the operating status and power consumption of equipment in real-time. Once an abnormality occurs, the PDU socket will issue a timely warning and automatically cut off the power, avoiding damage to data center equipment due to short circuits and overloads.

It can be said that the use of industrial PDU sockets is essential for power management, data collection and safety control in data centers. Its use can improve the safety, stability, and reliability of data centers, providing powerful support for stable operation.


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