Let me introduce you to what is PDU.

The PDU is a power strip used in industry, which is very different from ordinary power sockets, especially the smart PDU.



What is PDU, PDU is actually the PDU power strip used in industry, each PDU power strip must strictly comply with the standards required by the data center room, in addition, it has a lot of detailed division, such as: Lightning proof PDU, with light PDU, circuit breaker PDU, with display PDU, basic PDU and intelligent PDU, etc., then what is the difference between PDU and ordinary power socket?



At most, an ordinary socket can only provide overload protection and total control switch, while a PDU not only provides overload protection and total control switch, but also provides lightning protection, shock resistance, anti-static fire protection and other functions.



Ordinary sockets are made of plastic, while PDU power sockets are made of metal, which has the anti-static effect.


3.Application field

Ordinary sockets are generally used in homes or offices to provide power for electrical appliances such as computers, while PDU socket power is generally used in data centers, network systems and industrial environments, installed on equipment racks to provide power for switches, routers and other devices.


4.Service life

The life of the ordinary socket is generally 2 to 3 years, the number of plugs is about 4500 to 5000, and the life of the PDU power socket can reach 10 years, and the number of plugs is up to 10000, which is more than 5 times that of the ordinary socket.



On top of this, compared with the production process of ordinary power sockets, PDUs are also more rigorous, and the overall structure is more practical. However, although the PDU has a very good performance, but many government enterprises have more stringent functional requirements for the PDU power supply, at this time, intelligent PDU power supply appeared.



Compared with ordinary PDUs, smart PDUs integrate many sensing devices, have a variety of monitoring and management types, can help data center managers to a greater extent to manage, smart PDUs have more advantages than ordinary PDUs, they can even remotely monitor the PDU usage data in real time. Better help the administrator to manage the PDU and device usage, so as to avoid other accidents.


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